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Don’t be shy Sis! Come in. Come in…

Degrees? Check. Hubbies? Check. Children? Check – at least for one of us… [Hell… Nish is probably making a bottle right now!] Yep! These are some of our greatest achievements in recent years… and we’ve been blessed to have celebrated them all (and more) together. We’ve been best friends for as long as we can remember - And boy… We sure have come a long way since Just for MeLuster's Pink Lotion, sock buns and pre-teen arguments over who'd be Monica in our lip-syncing rendition of The Boy Is Mine. Humble beginnings... and let’s just say, #TheGlowUp is real! LOL!

Raised in homes with parents who encouraged us to remain grounded in our faith, we were also taught the power of determination, the strength of perseverance and the value of resilience. It’s because of these instilled competencies, that we’ve grown to become the passionate, unrelenting dream-chasers that we are today.

Ultrachic Château is the ultimate fashion house. When translated, Ultrachic Château means Fashion House for the Extraordinarily Chic. Our mission is to inspire moments of prominence, flair and individuality by propelling women to cultivate their inner-ferocity while attired in our thoughtfully curated styles and selections from across the globe. We seek to provide a comprehensive boutique shopping experience, for various occasions, all while keeping the variation of women’s frames and figures in mind.

The #UltrachicBossBabe is fierce and ambitious. She is an advocate for a fostered community of uplifting and empowering women. She is a steadfast woman who knows that confidence starts within but is best coupled with her ability to outfit herself in the most captivating yet alluring attire.

A house of luxury. A destination of fashion. A place of power.

Welcome to Ultrachic Château! We’re glad you’re here!

Shar & Nish